Family Help after Severe Brain Injury: What Can They Do?

Couple Graphic; Family Help after Severe Brain InjuryFamily Help after Severe Brain Injury

While the tendency during a coma vigil is to abandon all else and camp out in the waiting room, a return to a normal routine is important.  It is important to stay in touch with friends and activities.  It is particularly important for parents not to forget their other children. While family help after severe brain injury is important, it is just as important to involve the whole family.

It can also help both the survivor and the mental health of those who wait, to get involved in the daily care of the patient. Care from family is important in the recovery.

We also encourage you to do what you are doing right now on this web page, which is learn about brain injuries. The more you know about brain injury the easier family help after severe brain injury is.

A severe brain injury is not just a trauma to the survivor, but the family and all of its members. With brain injury comes extreme personal, physical and financial stress. Finding brain injury resources on the web and from support groups can help maintain the strength of the family. Being a caregiver to a survivor of brain injury is never an easy task but one that should be highly commended.

To that end, TBI Voices could prove particularly important.  It is a collection of dozens of stories of the survival from severe brain injury and coma, with much from the caregivers as well as the survivors.  We particularly recommend the Chris story, because of the great insight Chris’s Mom provides.

The Nancy story is also helpful because the caregiver there was dealing with not only her daughter’s severe brain injury, but the milder brain injury of her husband from the same wreck.

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