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The Head Injury Help Page provides information about head injury, a term traditionally used for brain injury and TBI (traumatic brain injury). While the term “head injury” may not be the politically correct way to refer to someone with a brain injury, the term is synonymous with brain injury. We have included this page for our brain injury information pages to make sure that those searching “head injury” will find our contributions to understanding brain damage. The reason the term is no longer preferred is because an injury to the head, does not necessarily mean that the brain was injured.  For example, a cut to the lip is an injury to the head, but may not involve brain injury.

These brain injury pages include the links below to pages that were first launched in the 1990’s, but also include our project to record the voices and stories of those with TBI – http://tbivoices.com. TBI Voices is also on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/TBI-Voices/168604673184127, on Twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/tbivoices and on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/user/TBIVoices

Coma Head Injuries

After  coma and severe head injuries the doctors are often not giving the kind of answers and information you need. If what they are saying can  be reduced to the generic, “we will just have to wait and see,” our focus here may help.

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Head Injury Symptomatology:

Our first page was https://tbilaw.com It was first published in 1996, before there was any internet information about brain injury. It continues to be our core page and a great source for a thorough understanding of brain injury and coma. For more on Head Injury Symptomatology, click here.

Why a Head Injury Attorney?

My actual practice of law is representing individuals who were injured in accidents that were the result of the negligent or wrongful conduct of wrongdoers. For the Difference a Brain Injury Attorney can make in Severe Closed Head Injury, click here.

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