Hope After Catastrophic Brain Injury: Mom Never Gives Up

Hope after Catastrophic Brain Injury

The story of Rita’s catastrophic brain injury is one of those without the miracle recovery, the feel good story. For Rita’s parents, it wasn’t being rewarded for the patient vigil, but being subjected to more and more challenges, as Rita’s poor recovery barred her from care that could make recovery possible. Rita’s Mom, even though the outcome looked very bleak, she never gave up hope after catastrophic brain injury.

Rita Mom tells about the horror an hope after catastrophic brain injury.  She talks about the knock on the door at 4:30 in the morning.  Usually it is a phone call but in Rita’s case the police actually came to the door.  You know when the police come to your house something bad happened.  The accident that caused Rita’s catastrophic brain injury had actually happened hours earlier and they were first hearing about it now.

Rita’s injuries were so severe that they had to do a partial lobectomy.  The swelling in her brain continued to get worse days after the accident.  As in most cases of brain injury, the doctors were not very forth coming in information on prognosis and and the future was very uncertain.

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