Hope For Anger by Stephanie St. Claire

Hope For Anger by Stephanie St. Claire

This is another of Stephanie St. Claire writings, Hope for Anger on TBI.  As it is so often duplicated, we have removed it from tbilaw.com but it can be found here: http://head-injury.tv/essays/stephanger.html

Hope for Anger deals with anger after TBI and what helped Stephanie control the worst of it.

Seizure Medicine

She cites seizure medications helps her with seizures caused by the traumatic brain injury.

Feedback from Others

She talks about how feedback from others really seems to help.  If someone she trusted saw some kind of behavior from her that wasn’t normal they might ask about it and then it helps her keep herself in check.


She avoids over-stimulation as it seems to cause her too much stress.

Positive People

One of the things she stresses in her essay is how much it helps to socialize with positive people other than ones that tend to be negative.

Finding Things to Laugh About

Part of her recovery that is very important is to not take things too seriously.  She enjoys her relaxation times and fun times.

From her essay; “Some of these things don’t seem to be related to not having belches of anger and they aren’t directly related, but they do have a behind the scenes effect of calming the brain down.”

I think you will thoroughly enjoy reading the essay form Stephanie St. Clair whether you are a survivor of brain injury yourself of a caregiver of someone with traumatic brain injury.  Stephanie’s “Hope for Anger” is put into words so much of what many of you feel and are going through.  There can be no better support than to know that you are not alone and there is hope.

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