Impeaching Neuropsychologists Using the Discrepancy Analysis

Impeaching Neuropsychologists

Neurological Assessment

At the heart of neuropsychological assessment is the necessity for a neuropsychologist to have engaged in discrepancy analysis of the test scores that were obtained.  It is imperative that not only an interindividual comparison is done (the traumatic brain injury survivor to controls) but also an intraindividual comparison (the traumatic brain injury survivor to himself).  Even a score in the average range may demonstrate a relative weakness for a given individual. This test is used in impeaching neuropsychologists.

Memory Comparison Pre and Post Traumatic Brain Injury

It is also important that memory be compared to strengths and weakness on the IQ test. Most elements on the IQ test will be largely unchanged from pre traumatic brain injury score. So this should provide the neuropsychologist with a baseline to predict memory functioning.

Processing Speeds and Memory Score Below Normal Post Traumatic Brain Injury

For example, a person who has an IQ of 120 on a post injury assessment, but has processing speeds that are below 10% and memory scored that are at the low end of the average range, should be found to have deficits worth noting.  Dismissing these scores as average, or more likely, not discussing them at all, is improper and shows evidence that the neuropsychologist is biased or incompetent. Thus, the test can be used in impeaching Neuropsychologists.

IQ Interpretive Manuals Require Discrepancy Analysis

The interpretive manuals for almost all IQ tests, especially the WAIS in whatever format, require such discrepancy analysis. A part of impeaching neuropsychologists.

The Proper Neurological Exam

The proper neurological exam, regardless of what type of physician performs it should also include a detailed history and also a basic test of cognitive function. Perhaps more important, the physical aspect of the exam should should be a diligent, and detailed evaluation.

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by Attorney Gordon Johnson