Logorrhea ( Talking too Much) with Brain Injury

Stories about Talking Too Much (Logorrhea)

The following are stories of real life survivors of brain injury.  Clicking on the titles will take you to their actual story.

The TBI Voice Can be a Voice of Despair

for many of you, I have spent the last four years talking a little too much

Uncontrolled Talking after TBI Logorrhea

I won’t remember what I said, I never remember what I said, but I have lived a good life, I am still living a great life, enough that I know good things about the world, whatever the conversation is, by shifting the attention from whatever is taking place at the table that is extremely overwhelming for me, I can take control by talking myself.

Uncontrolled Talking after TBI Logorrhea

Another prevailing symptom of those with a frontal brain injury is the inability to know when to stop talking. While there have been many explanations for this trait, poor judgment, self monitoring, self control, insight,

Uncontrolled Talking after TBI Logorrhea

Logorreha  is the technical term for excessive talking, which literally means too many words and can be remembered by thinking of it as diarrhea of the mouth.

Reemployment after TBI Vocational Losses Persist

I would still have the physiological stress response of the environment itself and so when I was processing it two days later, the day of work, I would think to myself oh, that lady that was buying those pants probably needed to leave 30 minutes earlier and you just kept talking and I don’t even know what I said.

Gina – Current Cognitive Functioning

When asked – Do you feel like you can control the conversation more by talking versus listening? Her response was; “Yeah, I talk, sometimes I talk way too much.”

Where Ian is at Now

We asked Ian’s Dad if Ian talked too much: “Very much so. We shoot trap on Wednesday night as an example. I met with a group of guys that I shoot with and he has his team that he shoots with, and of course we get together after shooting discussing how bad or how good we did. And he’s changing the subject off on something that didn’t pertain to at all what we were talking about and it’s sometimes hard to bring him back into the, the track. We’re not interested on Bret Favre over in Minneapolis right now but all of a sudden out of the sky he comes up with that conversation which may have been on the news that day.”

Kevin – Frontal Lobe Functioning

However, such rambling, logorrheic conversation did make it difficult to cover our core list of topics. Before Kevin’s
concentration completely collapsed, I turned to frontal lobe issues.