Long Term Rehabilitation with Brain Injury

Stories of Long Term Rehabilitation

The following are stories of real life survivors of brain injury.  Clicking on the titles will take you to their actual story.

Severe Brain Injury Comes with Physical Disability

 I had four years of outpatient therapy at Curative and also in the hospitals when I was able to stand up and start walking the physical therapists were working with me frequently on being able to move and operate my body in the proper way.

Maximum Recovery from TBI Requires a Lifetime of Care

Betty’s benefit from this long term commitment to carefor her maximum recovery. But the insurance companies are winning the battle to strictly define how much care is allowed, TBI rehabilitation facilities are closing and care is being defined in finite amounts, not what is needed to provide a lifetime of accommodation.  Betty is concerned that she would not be given the same chances for maximum recovery today. Betty has been 28 years since her accident and received the top level of care, that went on for years. Yet she describes herself as improving still.

Vocational Reintegration: Doug Part Seven

We believe that the two critical keys to achieve those goals is through vocational and community reintegration. Doug is someone we think is capable of greatly benefitting from both, even though he is getting very little of that currently. Doug had vocational rehabilitation, but it has been years since he has gotten even a whiff at those services. He might have been materially disabled at such time, but it is clear to us that his intellectual functioning is currently at a level that he might be a good candidate for retraining.

TJ and Michelle’s Final Thoughts on Brain Injury Recovery

TJ gives advice to TBI survivors: “Tell them it’s going to be a lot of work. A long road, a lot of work.”