Micro Inflammation After TBI: Brain Cell Damage

Micro Inflammation After TBI

Inflammatory Damage to the Cell After Brain Injury

Other damage to the neuron is related to the micro inflammation after TBI as chemicals accumulate within the cell membrane. Every traumatic brain injury patient is different but scientist have found that the underlying pathophysiology may include micro inflammation and this could be an important factor.

Influx of Calcium from Micro Inflammation after TBI

PET Scan May Discover Micro Inflammation after TBI

By performing a PET scan they may be able to determine whether an inflammatory response to TBI persists, and whether this response relates to structural brain abnormalities and cognitive function.It has been found that micoglial activation caused my micro inflammation can be present up to 17 years after the traumatic brain injury. This means that traumatic brain injury may trigger a chronic micro inflammatory response in the subcortical regions. All in all, this indicates the importance of  interventions being beneficial for longer intervals after traumatic brain injury.

Cellular Level is Where it All Starts

Such inflammation can cause an increase in pressure at the cellular level (as opposed to the intracranial level) which results in secondary neuronal damage. As stated on other pages of the TBILaw.com collection, the cells, particularly the axons is what stimulates and helps the brain perform efficiently. Once the axons are damage which can happen in an accident with a blow to the head, they may not perform correctly. This starts the change of events to brain injury.  It may not be evident that brain injury has occurred right away.  Initially the person may be perfectly lucid but within hours start to go down hill.  Maybe even lose consciousness.  This could be the effects of a brain bleed or also known as a subdural hematoma.

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by Attorney Gordon Johnson