Neuro Imaging Resources – New Information Available

Neuro Imaging Resources

The need for resource pages has dramatically decreased since we first wrote these pages in the 1990’s.  Now Google, Google Scholar and PubMed make finding literature and more scientific information straightforward. Thus, I have reduced the number of links here and have eliminated several categories. This is my new list of neuro imaging resources and it has changed.

I have also eliminated the links for PET Scans, SPECT Scans, EEG and MRA.  Advances in MRI are making those techniques less and less important. I have found that the new techniques in neuro imaging resources have most definitely improved.  The MRI’s of today help considerably with the diagnosis of traumatic brain injury.  Even though they have a very long way to go, the advances they have made with the MRI’s are very encouraging as far as neuro imaging resources go.

Neuro imagingresources is only one way of diagnosing brain injury. Many times there may not be any physical image or signs of trauma.  That does not necessarily mean that traumatic brain injury has not suffered.  I go into detail on this subject on my page Diagnosing Brain Injury.  You will find by reading this page that brain injury is often missed as a diagnosis.

The below links were all valid as of January of 2013.

Computed Tomographic Scan (CT Scan)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

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