Pets with Brain Injury

Stories about Pets after Brain Injury

The following are stories of real life survivors of brain injury.  Clicking on the titles will take you to their actual story.

Doug Transitioning to the Real World

Because I do own a cat, so they basically do my dishes, help me with my dishes, and, like, make my bed and clean the cat box and other, you know, other stuff that I can’t do, you know.

Michael – Dog Critical Companion for TBI Recovery

Michael talks about his dog: “That actually the only one that could deal with me, and he’s my best friend during it all was my dog, Little Bit.” alk to me more about your dog.: “Well, the funny thing about it is he was around me 24/7, he was always with me.” Before you’re hurt as well?: “Well actually after I got hurt. Before I got hurt he was mostly my parents’ dog. But afterwards he really involved himself, he was always around me. The funny thing is, one time you couldn’t close the door to my room because he couldn’t, because I slept, when I’m out, I was out. I didn’t have dreams or anything, but you couldn’t wake me or anything.” hat did you and he do? What did he do to help you?: “I would have one of those anger moments, and finally I would calm down and he was right there, you know, he would nuzzle up to me and help me get calm. He was the reason why I would get outside and walk because I would take him for a walk and that was good for me to get exercise. Even though I was very slow at it I would take him out and go for a walk and he was also a great chick magnet.” He didn’t interrupt your conversation much?: “No. I do that myself, I get these thoughts that come. But he was just there for me, every reason he  was on my lap, you know.   My dad looked up information about seizures and stuff online and dogs can pick them up first.  When you’re getting ready to have the seizure your brain emits a chemical that smells like oranges and a lot of dogs can pick that up.  So when I would have one of my staring fits and he was around he was the first one to either snap me out of it or when I was snapped out of it to be right around me.