Recover from Severe Brain Injury: How Long Will it Take?

Recover from Severe Brain Injury

Due to the uncertainty after traumatic brain injury, it is difficult to predict recovery. To recover from severe brain injury may happen in stages. The acute stage includes intensive, medical and technical treatment which happen in an acute care facility. Next, recovery shifts to focus on the stages of physical, occupational and neuropsychological rehabilitation.

Pace of Recovery following Coma and Severe Brain Injury

Recovery happens fastest during the initial weeks of the brain injury or after the emergence from the coma. Do not be mislead by the rapid early recovery to think that a full recovery will happen at such rate.  When there is a slowdown in the pace of recovery, it can be very difficult for loved ones.  Keep in mind that each individual progresses at their own rateas far as the process to recover from severe brain injury. A slowdown in progress does not mean an end to brain injured person’s recovery. Continued gains have been reported even several years after the injury.  It is important to be committed to a life time of recovery from a severe brain injury. For detailed case histories of recovery from brain injury, visit TBI Voices,

Caregivers and Communities Role in Recovery

The caregiver plays a huge role in the recovery of a person who has suffered traumatic brain injury.  Even though this may be a very difficult role it has its rewards as the progress of recovery will definitely be enhanced with a supportive caregiver.  The term “it takes a community” comes in to play with a traumatic brain injury survivor, as well.  The importance of a supportive caregiver and community can not be exaggerated.  The support will not only help the survivor in their recovery but will speed it along.  All survivor’s stories are different but in many ways are the same. Reintegration into the community always seems to help the survivor recover from severe brain injury.

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