Rehabilitation for Severe Brain Injuries Procedures

Rehabilitation for Severe Brain Injuries

During the recovery process, rehabilitation experts should be involved with the care and treatment of the brain injured person. Many rehabilitation for severe brain injuries programs use a multi-disciplinary team.

The multi-disciplinary team often includes the Physician, Neuropsychologist, Physical Therapist (PT), Occupational Therapist (OT), Speech Pathologist and others.

Goals for recovery are made by the team based on experience and the patient’s ongoing deficits and abilities. The rehabilitation for severe brain injuries is cut short so much of the time.  Recovery from severe brain injury can take years and maybe even a lifetime depending on the severity of the injury.  Some times the rehabilitation for severe brain injury is cut short because of its cost.  Insurance companies are always going to try to get by with the shortest amount of therapy because of the cost.  Other severe brain injury survivors may not have insurance and no means to pay for the cost of rehabilitation.

Long-term Rehabilitation for Severe Brain Injury

Depending on the severity of the brain injury, some survivors may need inpatient long term care.  There are very few facilities that handle the severely brain injured.  Our law firm may be able to help with finding the right place for you loved one.  We have become affiliated with some of the facilities that treat severe brain injury on a long term basis and may be able to help you to get into one of these facilities.  Call or visit our website Attorney Gordon Johnson if you feel a need for your loved one to be involved with one of these facilities.  This is just one way that we can help you after suffering a devastating traumatic brain injury. You are not alone.

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by Attorney Gordon Johnson