Gronwall and Wrightson: Mild Head Injury

Gronwall and Wrightson: Mild Head Injury: A Guide to Management, Oxford, 1999.

Simply the best thing ever published on Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. It is short and an easy read from two of the great healers in the field of brain injury.

Beginning in 1974, Dr. Gronwall and neurosurgeon Philip Wrightson, devised  ways to identify the attentional problems that those with MTBI hve. Dr. Gronwall in this work was able to foreshadow much of what current TBI research is just beginning to illuminate. Dr. Gronwall established that even with young men, who had seem to have made full recoveries from concussion, that when put under stress, their brains would do significantly worse than uninjured individuals.

This book is not about that research per se, but contains a clear and concise treatment of what can be expected after a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.

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