Baloh And Halmagyi: Disorders Of The Vestibular System



  • G. MICHAEL LAMAGYI, University of Sydney, Australia

An up-to-date, comprehensive review of disorders of the vestibular system authored by some of the most prominent experts in the field, this book covers basic vestibular mechanisms, clinical evaluation, common vestibular diseases, and treatment of vertigo. Part I reviews the anatomy and physiology of the vestibular system, focusing on clinically relevant material. Part II analyzes specific details in the patient’s history, examination, and laboratory evaluation pointing to the probable site of lesion. Part III covers the differential diagnosis and specific treatments of common neurologic disorders, with a separate chapter on neurootology. Part IV discusses general principles of treatment relevant to all vestibular disorders.


  1. How does the vestibular part of the inner ear work
  2. What is the vestibulo-ocular reflex and why do we need it, R. Leigh
  3. How does the vestibulo-ocular reflex work, T. Rapham, B. Cohen
  4. How does the brain generate horizontal vestibular nystagmus, C. Markham
  5. How does the brain detect and respond to head movements in three dimensions, V. Henn
  6. How does the visual system interact with the vestibulo-ocular reflex, J. Demer
  7. How and why does the vestibulo-ocular reflex adapt, G. Jones
  8. How does the linear vestibulo-ocular reflex compare with the angular vestibulo-ocular reflex, G. Paige
  9. How do the vestibulo-spinal reflexes work, M. Fetter, J. Dichgans
  10. How does the cerebral cortex process and utilize vestibular signals, A. Berthoz
  11. How do vestibular disorders affect spatial orientation and motion perception, T. Brandt, M. Dietrich
  12. What neurotransmitters are important in the vestibular system, C. Darlinton, P. Smith
  13. How does the brain compensate for vestibular lesions, I. Curthoys, G.M. Halmagyi
  14. History I: Patient with dizziness, R. Baloh
  15. History II: Patient with vertigo, G.M. Halmagyi
  16. Bedside examination, D. Zee, W. Fletcher
  17. Laboratory evaluation I: ENG and rotational testing, J. Furman, S. Cass
  18. Laboratory evaluation II: Auditory function, Ulf Rosenhall
  19. Laboratory evaluation III: Imaging, Y. Anzai, R. Lufkin
  20. Vestibular tests in evolution I: Otolith testing, M. Gresty
  21. Vestibular test in evolution II: Posturography, M. Fetter, J. Dichgans
  22. Vestibular tests in evolution III: Vestibular evoked potentials, J. Elidan, H. Sohmer
  23. Overview of common syndromes of vestibular disease, G.M. Halmagyi
  24. Meniere’s disease, J. Andrews, V. Honrubia
  25. Acute unilateral peripheral vestibulopathy, A. Bohmer
  26. Benign positional vertigo, R. Baloh
  27. Infections of the ear and temporal bone, R. Canalis
  28. Hereditary vestibular peripheral vestibulopathies, S. Rauch
  29. Vestibulotoxic drugs and other causes of acquired bilateral peripheral vestibulopathy, K. Hess
  30. Autoimmune inner ear disease, J. Harris, K. O’Driscoll
  31. Post-Traumatic vertigo, L. Luxon
  32. Perilymphatic fistula, C. Wall III, S. Rauch
  33. Migraine-associated vertigo, Lee Harker
  34. Vestibular Disorders due to cerebrovascular disease, R. Baloh
  35. Cerebellar ataxia syndromes, T. Fife, R. Baloh
  36. Brain tumors and balance disorders, G. Hirose and G.M. Halmagyi
  37. Vestibular schwannomas and other cerebellopontine angle tumors, H. Kim, H. Jenkins
  38. Vestibular disorders due to multiple sclerosis, Arnold-Chiari Malformations, and Basal Ganglia Disorders, A. Bronstein, P. Rudge
  39. Physiological and psychophysiological vertigo, T. Brandy
  40. Psychiatric aspects of vestibular disorders, R. Jacob et al.
  41. The neurochemical basis of motion sickness and its treatment and prevention, N. Takeda and T. Matsunaga
  42. Drug therapy for vertigo, C. Foster and R. Baloh
  43. Surgical procedures: Endolymphatic shunt, vestibular nerve section and labyrinthectomy, D. Brackmann
  44. Surgical procedures for benign positional vertigo, D. Pohl
  45. Transtympanic aminoglycoside treatment in Meniere’s disease, L. Odkvist, J. Berngenius
  46. Vestibular rehabilitation, S. Herdman

712 pp.; 287 b/w & 1 color illus

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