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TBI Fatigue: Part Nineteen

I have often said that one of the single biggest common denominators of brain injury symptoms is TBI fatigue.  I didn’t get to finish this discussion during our first interview, so I followed it up in the second.

One of the areas that, that we were just talking about when he had to end our interview the last time was TBI fatigue, and you gave me some information about that, but how does TBI fatigue impact you on a daily basis? 

I guess the best way to explain it is: I go to church at First Presbyterian, and they always have a little session before church goes.  As of late, the last few times I’ve been there going through those sessions, I’ve slept through them literally and snored.

But I fall asleep anywhere, anytime.  If I mow the grass I have to mow it in bits and pieces, because I get too tired.  My wife and kids are starting to understand, it’s not, I’m not being mean, it’s just that I can sit on the couch watching television, the next thing I know I’m asleep.

As long as you keep talking you’re good? 


So you won’t fall asleep in our interview? 


The church service that you’re talking about falling asleep at, is that first thing in the morning on Sunday? 

That’s, 10:30 on Sundays.

So it wouldn’t be that you’ve done too much activity on that morning. 

No, it’s early.

Just anytime you let your senses sort of  tone down it’s harder and harder? 

Right now I’m sleeping about, I’ll go to bed at 9:30; I’ll get up at 9:30 the next day and I’ll still be tired.




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