Workers Compensation After Brain Injury

Workers Compensation after Brain Injury

The workers compensation program applies to anyone suffering a brain or other injury at work. While the benefits under workers compensation after brain injury overlap they typically  involve more money. There is no requirement that the disability continue for a full year, so worker’s comp benefits should commence immediately.  In most cases, medical bills will be paid in full. The battle lines with worker’s comp comes later, over the length and the extent of the benefits.

Workers Compensation after Brain Injury May be Difficult to Get

There are many pages on the web regarding people suffering from brain injury that was caused on the job.  A lot of them talk about the struggles that they have.  Because brain injury often times is not something that is obvious, the injured person will have to come up with the tests done with imaging.  If the brain injury does not seem apparent at the time of the accident the tests to prove brain injury may not have been done.  Most things that you read and hear about suggests that Workers Comp will fight you every way they can so they don’t have to pay.  This is why the medical documentation is so important in all workers comp claims but especially when it comes to traumatic brain injury.

Turned Down for Workers Compensation with Brain Injury

If you have filed a claim for workers compensation and have been turned down you may need to hire an attorney.  An experienced brain injury attorney is a must in this case.  There a many attorneys out there that handle workers compensation cases but not all are as experienced and knowledgeable when it come to brain injury.  Brain Injury Law Office, S.C has been practicing and specializing in traumatic brain injury for over twenty years.  If you feel like you are in need of an attorney call Attorney Gordon Johnson at (800)992-9447.

For more about Wisconsin’s Workers Compensation after BrainInjury Program, click here.


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