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National Federation of High Schools Imposes Rule on Concussions

Posted on February 27th, 2010 · Posted in Brain Injury

The nation’s high schools are finally officially tightening rules regarding concussions and student athletes. Starting with this year’s football season, “any player who shows signs, symptoms or behaviors associated with a concussion must be removed from the game and shall not return to play until cleared by an appropriate health-care..
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Did ‘Toughman’ Die of Second-Impact Syndrome?

Posted on February 26th, 2010 · Posted in Brain Injury

Nathan Johnson died just days after competing in an Original Toughman Contest. Some suspect he was the victim of so-called second-impact syndrome, a case where a previous head injury exacerbates a later head injury. The 23-year-old Johnson of Ada, Okla., passed away Tuesday, three days after fighting in the Toughman..
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Japanese Boxer Yamaki dies after Suffering Brain Trauma in Bout

Posted on February 23rd, 2010 · Posted in Brain Injury

This month I commented on my thoughts about brain injury prevention and sport. See I said this: As I look at the cost/benefit analysis of risk versus winning in sport, I first ask myself, what is the purpose of this sport. If the purpose is to harm your opponent,..
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New Research Confirms Concussions Take Permanent Toll

Posted on February 22nd, 2010 · Posted in Brain Injury

New research has confirmed that Mild Traumatic Brain Injury causes persistent neurological and cognitive problems in patients, taking an emotional and financial toll on society. Dr. Douglas Smith of Center for Brain Injury and Repair and professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, recently presented his..
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Brain Injury Rules Must Protect the Athlete, Even Against Themselves

Posted on February 16th, 2010 · Posted in Brain Injury

The best cure for brain injury is prevention. It is one of the first things I learned as I began my advocacy in this field and is one of the often repeated missions of the Brain Injury Association. Yet, life causes brain injury and one does not give up living..
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Women’s Soccer Champ Chalupny On Leave Over Concussion-Related Issues

Posted on February 12th, 2010 · Posted in Brain Injury

Interestingly, this week I attended a sport and concussion lecture where both the doctor who was giving the lecture and one of the attendees both had daughters who were soccer goalies. Both had had problems with repeat concussions, from getting kicked in the head. Not attending such lecture, but perhaps..
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The Concussion/Football Story Catches Fire In The Press

Posted on February 11th, 2010 · Posted in Brain Injury

Timed with the Super Bowl, the consumer press has been doing extension coverage of the issue of concussions, brain injury, football and the NFL. For someone who has been doing almost nothing but represent those with brain injury for over 15 years that is welcome news, even if it does..
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Olympic Sports Snowboarding and Skiing Rival Football In Injuries

Posted on February 8th, 2010 · Posted in Brain Injury

A year ago, Natasha Richardson reminded all of us that sport concussions happen in sports other than football and that average people can suffer, not just famous athletes. With the Winter Games approaching it will be world class athletes who may stir up the conversation again, but in a newer..
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Helmets Protect Skiiers, Snowboarders From Head Injuries

Posted on February 4th, 2010 · Posted in Brain Injury

It is nothing new but a recent journal article argues that skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts should be wearing a helmet along with the rest of their gear, according to the Canadian Medical Association Journal. The study found that helmets decrease the risk of head injury for skiers and snowboarders by..
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Congress Skewers College Football For Lenient Concussion Guidelines

Posted on February 2nd, 2010 · Posted in Brain Injury

A member of the House Judiciary Committee Monday blasted the Southeastern Conference and the Big 12 over their policies regarding student athletes and concussions, according to the Associated Press. Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., levied the criticism during a hearing in Houston on head injuries and college football. Specifically, Cohen..
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