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It is nothing new but a recent journal article argues that skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts should be wearing a helmet along with the rest of their gear, according to the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

The study found that helmets decrease the risk of head injury for skiers and snowboarders by 35 percent.

Traumatic brain injury is the No. 1 cause of death for skiers and snowboarders, the Canadian Medical Association says. Head injuries make up as much as 19 percent of injuries in ski and snowboard accidents, while neck injuries are up to 4 percent.

According to an analysis of 12 studies done in North America, Europe and Asia, it is beneficial to wear helmets during recreational activities, other some argue that helmets can lead to neck injuries.

Remember Natasha Richardson? A Canadian death from skiing. There is never a guarantee that a helmet will eliminate brain injury, as the forces which can injure a brain include many that a helmet will not eliminate. But the helmet should eliminate almost all skull fractures and if designed properly, reduce some of the impact forces on the brain when the head hits something while skiing. The problem with skiing helmets, like all helmets, is making them energy absorbing without making them stick to the surface in falls. When a helmet sticks to a surface in a high speed fall, the neck can be broken.

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