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  • Ambulance CrewAny Alteration in Consciousness.
  • Confusion, acting unusual.
  • Not just at the scene, but hours later.
  • Repeating themselves.
  • Difficulty with Routine Tasks

If the inquiry does not identify a period of loss of consciousness, it may very well identify a change in mental state, such as being dazed or confused. Here the ambulance reports can be particularly helpful.

Also accident scene witnesses – police officers, ambulance attendants, passers by, even the driver of the other car may provide clues as to a change in mental state.

Accident ReportThe change in mental state can also occur hours after the accident: was the patient confused when they returned home? Were they just not themselves?

One particularly common symptom in our experience is the patient continually asks the same question, again and again. Or as common, tells the same person, over and over again, what happened in the accident.

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