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Here’s a disheartening question to ponder: Is an anti-psychotic drug being prescribed for troubled war veterans  killing them?

The drug in question is AstraZeneca’s powerful Seroquel. Recently two Marine corporals, Andrew White and Chad Oligschlaeger, both died in their sleep after being given a variety of drugs, Seroquel included, to treat their post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to Natural News.

Autopsies determined that both men were killed by “multiple drug toxicity,” meaning that a fatal interaction of their various medications did them in. Before he died, White took more than double the suggested maximum dosage of Seroquel recommended for those with schizophrenia, at his doctor’s direction, to help him sleep.

And now White’s and Oligschlaeger’s  families and veterans’ advocates are blaming Seroquel for the deaths of the two Marines, arguing that the government should change its protocol for prescribing the drug.

Make no mistake that Seroquel, the fifth-best-selling drug in the United States, is serious stuff. It is also increasingly being prescribed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Seroquel is approved to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression, but vets’ advocates charge that the military is giving it to service members for insomnia and other symptoms of PTSD, Natural News reported.

Seroquel has also been suspected of causing heart failure.

Our soldiers have suffered enough, both in combat and on their return home. The veterans’ administration should take a close look at Seroquel to ensure that we’re not killing them back on the supposedly safe home front.    

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