Posted on September 4, 2009 · Posted in Brain Injury

Blogging is one of those job responsibilities that never seem to quit and it is so easy to get behind on. Well, Congress is back soon, the kids are in school, and I better get back to this job as well.

It has been an important summer for my brain injury advocacy. I was elected this year to Chair the sub-committee of the national trial lawyers group on brain injury. The formal name of that group is the Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation Group (TBILG). The national association is the American Association of Justice (AAJ). I have served the TBILG and its goals of representing those with brain injuries since 1994 and I am honored to be chosen to lead it for the next year.

As part of my service to the TBILG, I moderated our program to over 100 attendees at our convention in San Francisco.

I have also recently given two speeches to brain injury groups on brain injury, one in Wisconsin on behalf of the Brain Injury Association of Wisconsin and one on Monday of this week in the Detroit area to the Michigan Association of Justice. The Wisconsin speech was entitled “A Lawyer’s Perspective on TBI.” The Michigan one: “Brain Injury is a Process, not an Event.” In the next couple of weeks, I will review some concepts from these two talks on this blog.

I have a busy fall ahead, but fall is one of my most productive times of the year and I will keep this blog up to date. Promise.

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