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Methinks that ABC newswoman and “The View” host Barbara Walters head injury was worse than we were initially led to believe.

Walters was hospitalized Saturday after she took a fall at an inauguration party at the British ambassador’s home in Washington. The news reports said she had a cut on her forehead, and didn’t say that she was ever knocked out. Walters’ spokesman said everyone was just trying to be extra cautious by having her thoroughly checked at a hospital.

But as of Tuesday, Walters was still in the hospital. One or her co-hosts on “The View,”  Whoopi Goldberg, provided an update on Tuesday’s show.

“Barbara went to Washington to cover the inauguration,” Goldberg said. “She missed a step and had a fall, which cut her upper temple. The doctors stitched her up and she is doing fine, but they want her to take it easy.”

Goldberg then read Walters’ statement, in which the TV news vet offered her thanks to “all the people who have called, written and been concerned about me.”

The statement continued, “I am running a low-grade fever, and the doctors are keeping me in the hospital until my temperature is normal. I’m pleased to say that it is going in the right direction and I will be home soon.”

I’m all for being cautious about head injuries and potential concussions. But it appears to me that Walters’ injury is more serious than I thought.

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