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How about this as a model of good sportsmanship and compassion: You cheer your quarterback, who hasn’t been playing well, when he sustains a head injury during a game.

Again, you can’t make this stuff up. On Sunday thousands of Kansas City Chief’s fans loudly cheered when quarterback Matt Cassel was decked by Baltimore Ravens Haloti Ngata, according to Sporting News. Kansas City lost that game 9-6.

Apparently, Kansas City football fans for several years have been complaining about Cassel’s less-than-stellar performance. They booed him at a softball game this summer, Sporting News reported.

After he got hit Sunday, Cassel stayed on the ground for a few minutes, and the fans cheered. He was able to get up and walk off the field with some assistance, and the team later said that he’d sustained a head injury.

Cassel’s teammates blasted the fans for their despicable behavior. Some of the words they used to describe it were “sickening” and disrespectful, according to Sporting News. Amen to that.

And with all the press this year about how concussions can cause long-term brain damage in football players, the Kansas City fans’ cheers were especially heinous.



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