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An indoor recreation center, which has trampolines for kids, is being sued over a child’s brain injury and amnesia, according to Reuters.

The federal lawsuit filed on behalf of the child, D.D.B., charges that the boy hit his head on a pole when he bounced off the side wall of a trampoline at Sky High Sports in Bellevue, Wash., Reuters reported. After jumping on the trampoline, the boy went into a pit that had foam blocks in it.

There was an unpadded pole that was sticking out in the pit, and the boy hit his head on it, the negligence suit alleges. He sustained a concussion, a skull fracture, head lacerations and is now experienced amnesia, according to the lawsuit.

In addition to this litigation, Sky High Sports had five other suits pending against it, Reuters said.

But the story pointed out that Sky High Sports has a waiver form for patrons that warns “flipping and running and bouncing off the walls is dangerous and can cause serious injury and must be done at the participant’s own risk,” according to Reuters.

The release form also says, “Similar risks are also inherent in using the Foam Pit.”

However, it is not known if D.D.B.’s parents signed the waiver.


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