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Here’s what would seem like an unlikely scenario: A little girl getting traumatic brain injury (TBI) from a hair tie.

But it did happen, and the girl who was the victim is now designing and marketing “safe” hair ties, according to WWAY.

Mya Bartlett, 7, in Carolina Beach, N.C., is the young entrepreneur. In April 2010, Mya was playing soccer, and at one point she fell and hit her head. She was wearing a plastic Hello Kitty ponytail holder, WWAY reported. And that seemingly innocent device not only impacted her skull like a hard rock, giving her a fracture, but its edges also cut into her head. She wound up with TBI.

After that terrible accident, Mya, her sister Kyra and their mother did research and found out that girls, especially those that are athletic, often sustain head injuries from hair accessories.

So Mya and Kyra has started their own business making safe hair accessories, with no plastic or metal, for girls, according to WWAY. The proceeds from the  bands and bows they sold is going to foot the bill for their summer camp.

Mya still suffers from several cognitive problems from her TBI, including memory loss, WWAY reported.



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