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Ex-champion boxer Hector “Macho” Camacho, who was shot in the face earlier this week, will be taken off life support, likely today, Saturday, according to numerous press reports.

Camacho’s mother held a press conference Friday in Puerto Rico where she announced her plans to have doctors pull the plug on Camacho, 50, who has been declared brain dead by doctors. But she wanted to wait for three of his sons to fly to the island from the mainland late Friday night before any action is taken, according to the Associated Press.

Camacho’s oldest son opposes his father being taken off life support.

The ex-boxer, who grew up in Harlem but was born in Puerto Rico, was sitting in a car last Tuesday with a friend in his hometown of Bayamon when they were attacked. Camacho was shot in the face, and the bullet severed three arteries in his neck, diminishing the blood flow to his brain, according to the New York Daily News. The lack of oxygen damaged Camacho’s brain, and he was declared brain dead earlier this week.

Camacho’s friend was killed.

Camacho led a troubled life. He had trouble with the law, and problems with drugs and alcohol. Several small bags of cocaine were found on the body of Camacho’s slain friend.

Camacho’s family was reportedly trying to decide whether to donate his organs when he passes away, AP reported.



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