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An extra in the third “Transformers” movie, who lost about a third of her skull during an accident on the set, will receive $18.5 million as part of settlement, according to The Chicago Tribune.,0,2278975.storyThe woman, 26-year-old Gabriela Cedillo, will be receiving the compensation  from Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Studio Productions, her lawyer announced last Wednesday for the traumatic brain injury (TBI) she sustained.Cedillo was among a group of extras recruited locally for the filming of “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” which shot in Hammond, not far from Chicago. The movie went on to do more than $1 billion worldwide at the  box office.

But things went terribly awry on Sept. 1, 2010, when a cable pulling a stunt car snapped and went through the windshield of Cedillo’s car, The Tribune reported. The cable hit Cedillo in the head, slicing off the top third of her head and part of the right side of her brain, according to The Tribune. She sustained major brain damage.

Cedillo had been driving her own Scion car on Cline Avenue in Hammond in a scene that called for what is called a cable-pull rollover in the movie industry, The Tribune reported. The cable-pull allows filmmakers to flip a car.

Right before the accident, several trucks were pulling two stunt cars that were supposed to roll over in the scene, but one of their cables and brackets came off, according to The Tribune. That was the gear that hit Cedillo’s car and injured her.

Paramount had tried to shoot that same scene the day before, but had problems with it. Cedillo’s supporters allege that the studio, wanting to get the shot done and production moving, did careless welding on the cable and bracket, causing the accident.

Now Cedillo, a bank teller from Chicago who wanted to be an actress, requires round-the-clock care, and “has had hallucinations, memory loss and severe cognitive difficulty,” The Times reported

She also can’t move the left side of her body, can barely walk and is blind in her left eye, according to The Times.

Cedillo will receive monthly disbursements via the settlement, to pay for her care. And most of her treatment at Loyola University Medical Center, $189,000 paid for with public aid, will be reimbursed, The Times reported. The settlement will also cover $800,000 in rehabilitation and doctor costs.

Cedillo is now receiving therapy at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.


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