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Randy White is fighting the good fight.

White lost his daughter to brain cancer, and he believes he knows what, and who, is to blame.

That’s why he’s started a class action suit against Fort Detrick in Maryland, which he alleges created a cancer cluster by polluting the area’s water with lethal Agent Orange, according to AOL News.

White blames Agent Orange with not only leading to the death of his daughter, but also for causing cancer in 400 people who live in Frederick, Md., not far from Fort Detrick.

White’s daughter Kristen, 30, died of brain cancer 2 1/2 years agos, and a few months later his other daughter Angie was found to have an unusual type of stomach cancer, according to AOL. And then his former wife, Debra Cross, was diagnosed with renal cell cancer.

The common denominator was that the family had lived in Frederick, where Fort Detrick had tested Agent Orange, a chemical defoliant. White believes that Orange Agent has tainted the area’s groundwater.

White has founded the Kristen Reese Foundation in honor of his daughter, and it is one of the plaintiffs  in the class action suit. He’s paid for the foundation to conduct research on toxic substances in the Frederick area, and three of them — the carcinogens dioxin, TCE and PCE — have been detected in local wells.

Fort Detrick is having its own contractor look at the Agent Orange testing that it’s done, as well as working with the Frederick County Health Department, AOL reported.

Here’s wishing White much success in his crusade.


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