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As a personal injury lawyer you learn early on that the biggest issue on almost everyone’s mind after a personal injury or other medical crisis is: how do we pay the medical bills? Until we have national health insurance, there will always be challenges for those who have a sudden influx of medical bills.
What makes this worse for the accident victim, is that these challenges often coincides with disability, and often the resulting loss of health insurance.

12 years ago we first tackled this issue on our website The specific link is

This page begins with this statement:

Our first advice is not to worry about it too much.

If your loved one is in a coma, at least in the United States, they will not be denied care, at least not until the acute stage is over. While that doesn’t mean you won’t have financial hardship ahead, at this point, care will continue, regardless of how the bills get paid. At least in the United States, people with severe brain injuries are not denied acute care. In fact, the people who set hospital and insurance rates understand that and all of the rest of us pay a little more, on the chance that this kind of care is needed for someone who doesn’t have the ability to pay.

Other issues discussed on this page include:

Med Pay Coverage
Medical Assistance
Workers Compensation
Personal Injury Actions

Med Pay coverage is the medical bills coverage on your automobile (or sometimes homeowners) coverage.
Medical assistance is the federal Medicaid program (similar to Medicaid, but for poor and disabled persons.)
Workers comp is the coverage people are entitled to when injured at work.
Personal Injury actions is what the Brain Injury Law Group handles, where we sue a wrongdoer on the injured person’s behalf, to recover damages, including past and future medical bills.

There are no perfect answers in getting medical bills paid. But treatment is more important than avoiding them, and we encourage everyone to exhaust all avenues and insist on getting the treatment they need. A former client also suggested this site, which provided additional financial assistance to her because of her disabled condition.

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