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Believe in miracles – no matter what the doctors tell you.

That’s the message from George. He’s a Canadian resident who asked that we share his family’s story and blog with you, to give hope to those who feel hopeless after their loved one sustains a traumatic brain injury.

 “My wife Yvonne was involved in a head-on collision with a tractor-trailer in late January 2010,” George wrote us. “The car spun out on icy roads and crossed the line. Initially the doctors didn’t give us much hope. They said she might never leave the ICU and they asked us if it was her wish to be an organ donor. Yea, pretty damned bleak.”

 Well, apparently the doctors were wrong about Yvonne.

“She is healing beautifully and she IS a miracle girl!” George said.

The family has been keeping a blog about Yvonne’s progress,

“I just wanted to share this so other families who suddenly find themselves in this situation will be able to read about her,” George wrote. .

The blog’s first entries date back to a day or two after the accident, which took place Jan. 27.

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