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A Bronx jury awarded $20 million in a case where a security guard at a homeless shelter dropped a 4-day-old newborn on her head, the New York Post reported Saturday.

The incident happened in June 2003  at the Icahn House in the South Bronx, a shelter run by the Children’s Rescue Fund, billionaire Carl Icahn’s foundation, the Post reported.

Jeninlee Reyes had a C-section to deliver her baby, Imani Santiago. When Reyes went home to the shelter, the elevator wasn’t working and she couldn’t carry her infant to her second floor room because of her surgery, according to the Post.

So Reyes asked the guard, Christopher Salas, to take the baby up. She warned him to be careful going up the stairs, the Post reported. But Salas tilted the stroller and Imani fell and hit her head on the concrete stairs.

The family sued, winning the verdict. Imani is 10-years-old now, and her father, Pedro Santiago, told the Post that luckily, she didn’t suffer severe brain damage. Imani is able to walk and talk, he said.



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