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LeBron James is a moron.

The Miami Heat basketball player helped perpetuate one of the macho myths about concussions and brain injury following a recent game against the Phoenix Suns, according to an online story by Fox Sports Florida.

James, you see, crashed headfirst into opponent Grant Hill in the final minute of that game, which the Heat won 99-95. James was laid down on the court for a good two minutes, according to Fox.

After the game, a reporter asked James if he had ever sustained a concussion.

“No, I’m too tough for that,” James answered, according to the Fox story.


Let’s hope that James isn’t one of the former pro athletes, like a number of  retired football and ice hockey players, who sustained concussions — or were never diagnosed with them — who are now suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, know as CTE, a degenerative brain disease with symptoms very similar to Alzheimer’s.

They thought they were pretty tough guys when they were playing, too.

And there are more than a couple of  players who would be considered “tough” — such as Lem Barney, Otis Anderson, Marvin Jones, Britt Hagar and Leroy Kelly — are now now suing the National Football League over head injuries that they claim have had a devastating, long-term impact on their lives.

There has been wide range of publicity about the dangers of concussions, for youths and adults.

But one comment from a player like James, who is probably idolized by a lot of kids, could probably negate all the education that these youth athletes have gotten on concussions.

After all, if James is “too tough” to get a concussion, shouldn’t they be, too?




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