Posted on August 30, 2013 · Posted in Brain Injury

Migraine sufferers endure a lot when they get one of these crippling headaches. And now they have bad news about their malady.

New research published in the journal Neurology found that migraines may cause permanent damage to the brain, according to a story on GPonline.

At the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, scientists looked at data from 13 studies that probed the connection between migraines and changes in the brain’s structure, GPonline said.

These researchers determined that compared to those who don’t suffer from migraines, the risk of white matter lesions increased 68 percent in those who have migraines with aura, and 34 percent for those who have migraine without an aura, according to GPonline.

The University of Copenhagen researchers also discovered that migraine sufferers had similar risks for changes in brain volume and infarct-like abnormalities.

In summation, the abstract on the study said, “These data suggest that migraine may be a risk factor for structural changes in the brain. Additional longitudinal studies are needed to determine the differential influence of migraine without and with aura, to better characterize the effects of attack frequency, and to assess longitudinal changes in brain structure and function.”

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