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A mother who was hit by a falling sign at an Alabama airport Friday remained unconscious and in intensive care, while one of her sons was recovering from a concussion sustained during the accident, according to One of the woman’s other sons was killed in the freak incident, and a third son had a broken leg and nose.

Authorities are still investigating what caused a 300-pound electronic flight information sign to fall from a wall at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport and hit the Bresette family.

Heather Bresette, who underwent several surgeries over the weekend, doesn’t yet know that her son Luke, 10, was killed, reported. The mother had two broken ankles and a crushed pelvis from the sign falling on her.

Tyler Bresette, 5, sustained a concussion, while 8-year-old Sam had a broken nose and leg, said.

The Bresette family, which is from Overland Park, Kan., had been on vacation in Florida and was on its way home the day of the accident. Ryan Bresette, the father, and another son and daughter were also at the airport but weren’t injured.

The Birmingham airport concourse recently underwent a renovation and had just reopened March 13.

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