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I have to applaud the New York Giants for how thorough the team is being checking out whether quarterback Eil Manning has a concussion.

Manning got an ugly, bloody gash on the side of his head Monday night in a collision while playing against the New York Jets at the team’s first game at the new Giants stadium in the New Jersey Meadowlands. Manning, who had to get 12 stitches in his head, was pinned between the Jets’ Calvin Pace and Jim Leonard. Manning lost his helmet and got a three-inch wound on his left temple at the pre-season game.

Since the incident, the Giants have made Manning go through a battery of tests to determine if he sustained a concussion, even though the quarterback doesn’t have any symptoms of brain damage.

According to The New York Times, Manning on Tuesday went to the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan to have a CT scan, and diffusion tensor imaging.

Today, Wednesday, Manning showed up for team practice, and stretched. But he is slated to undergo an Impact Test, a computerized evaluation of memory, brain processing and visual motor skills, according to The Times.

During a conference call Tuesday, Giants coach Tom Coughlin told reporters, “They’re not going to leave any stone unturned. They’re going to go ahead and do all the tests and MRIs and all those things.”

At this point, Giants officials say that Manning may not be able to start playing again immediately not because of any concussion, but because his stitches are getting in the way of his helmet.

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