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As one New York sports writer put it, there is no such thing as a “mild” concussion now in the National Football League.

When New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis received a head injury last Sunday in a game against Buffalo, team officials at first totally downplayed the incident and said he didn’t have a concussion. Then they said he had suffered a mild concussion.

Well, it may have been “mild,” but it was bad enough to keep Revis on the bench for Sunday’s Jets-Pittsburgh Steelers game. On Friday Jets coach Rex Ryan told reporters that Revis wasn’t cleared by a team doctor and an independent neurological expert to play, according to the Associated Press.

And on Friday it came out that Revis had been “in a fog” after he was concussed last Sunday. That doesn’t sound mild to me.

Here is what Revis had to say: “It’s a head injury, so I’ve got to do the best I can and make sure I’m healthy first and the team does as well. Everybody’s looking out for my best interest, and I think that’s the focus.”

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