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The National Football League last week filed a brief arguing that an arbitrator, not a judge, should be dealing with the allegations brought by several thousand ex-players about concussions and long-term brain damage, according to

The various lawsuits filed against the NFL over head injuries have been consolidated before Judge Anita Brody in Philadelphia, and she is the jurist who will rule about what the proper venue is for the complaints made by the former players.

In its brief, the NFL contends that the ex-players’ claims “are fundamentally about workplace safety in a unionized setting in which workplace safety issues loom large and have long been the subject of bargaining.”

The league pointed out that these cases involve individual teams all over the country, and would be more appropriately handled under federal labor law, according Of course, lawyers for the ex-players disagree with this argument. They accuse the NFL of hiding the effects of repetitive head injuries for decades, and say a courtroom is where the league should be held accountable.



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