Posted on March 11, 2013 · Posted in Brain Injury

Members of the New York Police Department’s football team will be getting so-called “bumpers,” or protective padding on their helmets, to safeguard them against brain trauma, the New York Daily News said Monday.

The padding is called Shockstrip, and it is placed on the outside of football helmets. It only costs about $50 per helmet to install, but its inventor, Dr. Steven Novicky, claims it cuts the impact of helmet-to-helmet contact by 41 percent, the News reported.

The general manager of the NYPD’s semipro team, Narcotics Det. Anthony Hernandez, told the News that that National Football League should take a page from the NYPD’s book and put the cushioning on its helmets.

Some high school football teams are already using the new technology, and boast that they didn’t feel a thing when they crashed helmet-to-helmet with an opposing player, according to the News.


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