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There’s been a string of separate studies that have essentially come to the same conclusion: Sex boosts your brain and can make you smarter.

One of those recent pieces of research found that people with lusty thoughts perform better that those without racy ideas when given analytical problem-solving tests, according to a MSN Living.

The website cited a study done by Dr. Jen Forster of  the University of Amsterdam, where the participants were given critical-thinking problems to solve. “Forster found that lustfully minded subjects performed better than participants who didn’t have sex on the brain,” MSN Living said.

The study was cited in a book by Jesse Bering titled “Why is the Penis Shaped Like That? And Other Reflections on Being Human.” That tome also discussed studies done by psychologist Gordon Gallup at the University of Albany.

In his research, Gallup found that women who have been exposed to semen do better on concentration and cognitive tasks, according to MSN Living. As it turns out, semen has a number of “mood-enhancing” chemicals, such as oxytocin and serotonin.

The cherry on the cake is research done at Princeton University, which aimed to gauge the cognitive abilities of sexually active rats (not to be mistaken with the two-legged kind).  In that experiment, male rats were paired with sexually receptive female rats, as MSN Living put it.

Scientists then compared the cognitive abilities of the brains of the sexually active rats to those that were virgins. The researchers discovered that the sexed-up rats had seen growth in their brain cells.

This is all food for thought.





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