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Lethan Candlish is a survivor of traumatic brain injury, a professional story teller, a friend and a collaborator in one of my most important life projects.

Lethan spends part of his time traveling around the country telling riveting stories that he has collected from fellow TBI survivors — as well as recounting his own experience. He took his one-man performance, “Who Am I, Again?,” to the Teatro Zuccone in Duluth, Minn., on Friday night.

Lethan participated in my TBI Voices project, which I consider one of the crowning achievements of my career. After spending my life working on brain injury cases, I wanted to give TBI survivors a forum to tell their owns stories, in their own voices. My interviews with Lethan can be seen at and TBI Voices.

There is a video of Lethan performing “Who Am I, Again?” on the TBI Voices website.

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