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Brain injuries can happen when we least expect them, not just during combat and football, but in the most non-threatening and seemingly safe environments. So it was for Wendy Whitehead. The first San Angelo Colts baseball game she ever went to was also her last.  

The 39-year-old woman, while spending a pleasant Friday evening at a Colts game in Texas, was hit in the head with a ball. The next day, Saturday, at noon Whitehead died from traumatic brain injury.

Whitehead, a San Angelo resident, had a seat along the third base line. At the bottom of the eighth inning, she was struck by a line drive. That injury ultimately ended  her life. 

Whitehead’s husband William is a surgeon, and he told the San Angelo Standard Times that he tried to save his wife by performing CPR on her while waiting for an ambulance to arrive. He also noted that this was the first time he and Wendy had attended a Colts’ game.

Perhaps the Colts should take a good look at their seating, and make sure that their fans are kept out of harm’s way. You’d haven’ t be pretty quick to get out of the path of a line drive, so maybe no one should  be sitting in that part of the stadium.  

But in defense of the team, it is very rare for a fan to be killed by a ball during a baseball game. It’s unfortunate that Wendy Whitehead became one of those unusual and uncommon cases.  



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