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10/27/08 From the Brain Injury Association of Wisconsin (BIAW):

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) is looking for new
and experienced objective grant reviewers with expertise in traumatic brain
injury. HRSA is looking specifically for individuals with specialized
education, knowledge, and experience in the area of traumatic brain injury
to apply to be a HRSA Grant Reviewer for its Maternal and Child Health
Bureau. Individuals with TBI and family members are especially needed.

As a Grant Reviewer you will assist HRSA in objectively evaluating
applications against established criteria. These competitive applications
are being submitted by State TBI Programs around the country. If you are
interested in being a Grant Reviewer, please send a note expressing your
interest along with a CV (curriculum vitae) to:

Captain Janie Martin-Heppel
Director, Federal Traumatic Brain Injury Program
DHHS/HRSA/Maternal and Child Health Bureau
Room 18-A-18, the Parklawn Building
301-443-2259; fax: 301-443-8604

An email note with the required information is also acceptable. If you do
not have a CV, a paragraph or two about your qualifications will suffice.
For example, if you are a family member or caregiver and you don’t have a
CV, you could start with: “I have been a caregiver for my son who has a
TBI for the past five years…”

Questions should be directed to Captain Janie Martin-Heppel.

Thank you,
Brain Injury Association of Wisconsin

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