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Why are people so stupid?

During the Billboard Music Awards, the singer Miguel took it upon himself to leap across the stage, over the audience, in a showy stunt. But he didn’t leap quite far enough.

During the event, televised by ABC, Miguel landed in the crowd. His leg hit a woman in the the head, slamming her skull onto the stage’s edge.

The video of this accident, and still photos, are rather horrifying.

Now, according to TMZ, the audience member, Khyati Shah, is having cognitive difficulties. Her lawyer told TMZ that Shah may have suffered brain injury, neurological damage, from the incident.

Shah has undergone¬† neurological tests, but the results aren’t in yet.

After getting those findings, Shah will decide whether to file a lawsuit over her injuries, TMZ reported.

It doesn’t help that after sustaining her injury, the folks at the Billboard Awards just gave her an icepack for her head. With all the publicity about the dangers of concussions, you’d think the people would have transported Shah to a hospital immediately, not to take any chances. Wrong.









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