Evolving Brain Damage Due to Cell Miscommunication

Evolving Brain Damage

There are many factors to evolving brain damage.  A blow to the head sets off a series of events.  All the intricate parts of the brain start and end with cells.  As in anything, once an element to the metabolic make up is disturbed, many things can go wrong.  Let’s compare it to a car.  If the battery (the main cell of a car) goes dead not only will the car not start, it can not continue running if it quits while driving.  With the cars these days, everything is computerized and uses the battery to transmit signals to all running parts of the car.  Now when we talk about the brain cells, unless they all quit at the same time, the brain may continue to function but with trauma to the head they may not work accurately as the damage may disrupt the communication process of one cell to the next.

Evolving Brain Damage Due to Cell Miscommunication

After an acute injury to the brain, a series of electrical, chemical metabolic changes which develop over a period of hours, may result in changes to cerebral blood flow, impacting the metabolism and the ionic balance in the brain. Thus, initially everything may he working correctly but as time goes on the cell damage may cause the brain to quit functioning normally.  This is what is meant by evolving brain damage.  It may not happen immediately but as the cells break down the damage to the brain will evolve.

Normal brain cells communicate with each other both electronically and chemically. Trauma can disrupt the electrical, chemical and metabolic balance, resulting in brain cells setting off the wrong signals, which can turn into evolving brain damage by damaging or destroying  the cell.

The below graphic shows what can occur.

Mising Myelin Sheath - Evolving brain damage

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by Attorney Gordon Johnson