TBI Library – Researching Brain Injury Literature

Access to medical literature online has had revolutionary change since I first wrote these “TBI Library” pages in 1999. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed is a good starting point for peer reviewed literature. Many of the articles found there can be downloaded in full, if not from PubMed, elsewhere.   Search in Google Scholar the exact title of the article and you may be pleased at what you can find.

While I have not taken down these discussion of these references, many have new editions.  Unfortunately, not all new editions have major new parts to take into account rapid advancement in the field of neuropathology and brain injury. The best sources, Lezak’s Neuropsychological Assessment and Wrightson and Gronwall Mild Head Injury, standout, not because of the new research, but because of the treatment of the more subjective aspects of neurobehavioral changes after TBI.
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