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Attention After TBI: Part Twenty-Three 

TJ talks about how is memory is better than it ever was.  He does have trouble with attention after TBI in certain situations although though as I did the interview,  I had his full attention.

What problems do you have with your memory?

It’s fair for the most part.  If I see somebody I feel like we are like maybe a day goes by or something and so it’s really not as bad as it was.  It used to be bad but it ain’t bad no more.

My name is Gordon.  Would you have remembered that if I hadn’t just told you that?

Oh, my memory is sharp now.  It’s sharper than it ever was.

You’re paying attention right now, aren’t you?

Very much so.

Do you have trouble with attention after TBI at times?


What about when it gets to be a room full of people?

Then it would be a room full of people.

Do you have problems getting in a group of people, too many people around?

No, not at all.    I’m a people person.

What trouble do you have with your memory?

Let’s see.  Not really now. It used to be a big deal but not any more.

Do you feel that you need to keep the same routine day to day or do things get frustrating for you?

No, I, I keep it because it’s what, what I can do.

If there’s days like today where you are doing something different, does that irritate you or frustrate you?

No, not at all.  Not at all.

Self insight after brain injury can sometimes be the biggest deficit.

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