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Brain Injury Emotions: Part Fifteen of Angela’s Story

Angela’s Brain Injury Emotions caused another huge problem.  In any customer relations job she would be dealing with adverse emotions from customers. Handling angry customers has become very difficult.  Before the accident she could handle them with ease.  She now takes things personally that may not have any thing to do with fault of her own.

Angela explains the difference in her own words:

Q:        What would happen if you had an angry customer?

Angela:            I would try to help them to not be angry but in the end, like that’s actually one of my most difficult things.   I, before my accident, was blessed with the gift of empathy.  I generally really do care about most people.  I believe everybody has good and I could always see the good in people.  I used to be able to tell when they didn’t know about it so I could protect myself from those people.

I learned the hard way that I don’t know anymore that they don’t know it’s there and so I’m very trusting, and I want to believe the best about people and so an angry customer that would be yelling at me in the store I would do the very best I could to make sure that they got what they needed.

It would be exhausting for me because to process the information of why they’re angry, and then try to resolve it all at the same time, would probably become a big problem for me. I would feel bad that they were angry in the first place when it had nothing to do with me.

Angela discusses the problem with brain injury emotions when dealing with others:

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