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Brain Injury Time Management Challenges: Michael Part Thirty-Three

In part Thirty-three Michael discusses his issues with brain injury time management that he has and the problems that it causes him.

You managed to make it through the wedding. Do you have problems planning things because of brain injury time management?

I can’t plan anything.  Well, actually, we did it together.  Me and my wife got it together but most of it was most of it was for her, from her perspective for what she wanted.

Is it easier for you just to say yes.

Oh, I say no.  We work out some sort of compromise.  I mean, there was only a couple of things that I said no on.

What did you say no on?

Let me think if I can remember.  Oh, finding the caterer with compromise.   We finally said Fazoli’s and got them to cater.  A couple of places around here were very expensive.

Do you have difficulty getting anything done in a day because of brain injury time management?

Sometimes. I have been late a lot of times picking up the kids because either Becky will drive to work and she just works two or three blocks from here and I need to go get the car to get the kids.  There will be some days that I don’t even want to get out of the bed.

How do you accept the responsibility of being a parent when you have issues with brain injury time management?

Let’s see the best way to explain it.  If Becky’s around and she is, and she can give me like a list.  I know people like me are supposed to write it down and that is helpful but I get to the point where oh, I don’t need the list, that is where I start having problems.

So as long as you have the discipline to remember a list and someone else makes out the list – you are in good shape with your brain injury time management problems.

Yes, it helps me. Good shape.

Are you still doing lists on paper or have you found some other electronic way to keep track of things to help with your brain injury time management issues?

I keep track of all my appointments and things that I need to do with the kids and myself on my cell phone.

Some of Michael’s Other Issues Besides Brain Injury Time Management

What kind of phone do you have?

One of those flip phones that has a keyboard on it.

Have you ever used a phone like the iPhone it has a touchscreen?

My wife uses it.

Do have trouble with the touchscreen?

I get aggravated with it.

Your fingers are too big?

No, it is just like pushing a button and I get aggravated using it.

Frustration sets off your mood, your anger?

Oh yes.

Is that the biggest cause of your anger?

I would say so because when I get upset with the kids, it’s not me getting upset with them, it’s me getting upset with them not thinking about what’s going to happen when they do things.


Do you have trouble going to the grocery store and picking up the right products off the shelf?

Actually, that is my wife’s problem.  I am a very good shopper.  You know, I don’t need, I don’t need name brands.  I will go in and I can’t, if you give me $50.00, I could come out with two, two basket carts full of food.  If you give my wife $50.00, she will barely come out with one of those little square things.

So one of the things that you retained is the ability with money?

Um, no.  After my car accident I would get my check from Social Security disability, pay my “have to” bills and I would have $200.00 left over. (At the end of the month) there would be a few days that I would go without food.

You couldn’t ration yourself to still have money at the end of the month?

Yeah, I still have that problem.

Michael also said that his mania makes money a problem, which we will discuss in our next part.


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