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Brain Pathology : Lori Part Three 

In Part Three we will discuss with Lori her brain pathology and the nature of her injuries.  She states that the left parietal brain pathology is the part that was injured.  We also talk about the her parents grief and how to this day it is too painful for them to talk about.  She has never seen her medical records so the information she is giving us may or may not be accurate.  We have only her memories and we have to trust the correctness of them:


Do you know what part of your brain pathology was injured?

It was my left parietal.

Did they do surgery?


Do you know what the CTs showed?


Have you seen any of your medical records?

Not that I recall.

Were your parents there when you were in the hospital?


Both parents?


What have they told you about your time that you were sleeping?

My mother said that as soon as I started moving she said that she put a pencil in my hand, and that she helped me try to write, and that I began writing pretty early on.  My dad really doesn’t talk about it.  They’re both feeling so much pain, they don’t like to remember it or talk about it.

Is that true to this day?


Your parents are still alive?

They’re very uncomfortable about it.

But your parents are still alive?

Oh yes.  Yes.

Even 25 years later they, they don’t like to talk about it?

My mom’s a little bit better, because I did publish, self-publish a book.  My mom said she’d never read it, but now she’s read it three or four times.


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