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Chris Part Nine – Looking Forward – Can We Maintain the Miracle?:


Chris’s story concludes with advice from her mother, final thoughts from Chris and some other important issues regarding ideal ongoing support for people like Chris who have survived the tragic consequences of a brain injury. To others who find themselves in an ICU waiting for a loved one to awake from a coma: 1) listen to what doctors are telling you, take notes, write down your questions and ask; understand that doctors don’t always know how things will turn out; 2) take time for yourself, no matter how much you think your loved one needs you; and 3) don’t forget about the other people in your family and their needs. Thoughts from Chris to other brain injury survivors: recovery takes a lot of work; the alternative is to just sit at home and do nothing. Try to stay close to your family; you will need them.

People who have survived serious brain and physical injuries and come out of comas are miracles. To continue their “miraculous recovery,” they will need a lifetime of structured therapy/exercise and re-designed vocational rehabilitation programs; otherwise, all the miraculous strides they have made, easily disappear.


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